Pocket Smock 4 pockets

These crossback aprons are my own design, with four large pockets. This style has tapered sides and less coverage in back than the Pocket Smock 5.
I call them Pocket Smocks, because that's really what they are. Everyone needs more pockets, right? I put mine on first thing in the morning, and take it off when I go to bed. That way I always have what I need with me - phone, tissues, reading glasses, etc. They are also great for gardening, crafting, cooking, etc.
Made of 100% rustic linen, they come in 3 different sizes (S, M, L).

Currently these are made to order only. Please contact me for more info.

"I especially love my beautiful green linen apron with all of its handy pockets and genius construction."
- Susan P.